Viagra za motorje

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Viagra za motorje

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VIAGRA for your Engines

It's been a few years coming but now it's finally here.
With the assistance of various chemical labs and extensive testing and investment, we have successfully discovered the secret to gaining more power from our engines.
The problem was always how to channel more oxygen into the engine to improve combustion and more effectively dissipate the heat.
This is not an easy task with methanol, nitromethane and oil.
There are certain chemical additives around, but an inspection by any of the national federations, EFRA or IFMAR will detect them - not easily, but they will show up.
Our additive is different, though.
It comes as a pill containing large quantities of oxygen-bearing carriers for better combustion.
Some of these additives are also used by the aerospace industry.
We do recommend, however, that you exercise caution.
This pill must be kept away from children and not added to fuel in excessive quantities - please follow the directions for use closely.
Any deviation may severely impair the engine's lifespan.
The mixing of the pill with fuel should not be observed by third parties.

We are still on the lookout for sales partners.
Kind regards
Gerhard Binder

Order Pricelist and Productinfo
Thanks a lot,
we will do our best as fast as possible.
Lp Dean
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