KYOSHO 1/12 4WD Racing Spada .09

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KYOSHO 1/12 4WD Racing Spada .09

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Sirio 09 engine powers an entirely new racing force!
Taste the thrill of a new GP 1/12 racing machine.

The huge impact of the SIRIO 09 engine's concentrated power was felt around the R/C world with its launch on the Mini Inferno 09. As the world's most respected racing engine brand, SIRIO's high-performance engine sits at the heart of a new 1/12 scale on-road racing machine. A 4WD power-train boasting 2-speed transmission and a front one-way unit utilizes the engine’s full potential, while the front / rear suspension produces high-level running performance. The simple chassis design ironically produces sophisticated performance characteristics, but without the difficult setting adjustments. Packed with the results of KYOSHO's many years of racing machine design experience, no setting adjustments are needed to produce controllable high-speed running performance. For your first on-road racing car, or as a second machine to enjoy, the compact 1/12 scale with high-performance SIRIO 09 engine opens the door to a world of racing excitement.

Cena: $419,00


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